It is a very common question for all business owners: what makes a successful business? The very obvious answer to most of us is the money, how much profit does the business ultimately make? But as with life, the answer may not be that simple. That is because the definition of success is different for each person. In this post, I’d like to feature a well known Perth storage company whose, in the owner’s eye, already seeing early success.

Before I elaborate, I’d like to point out that the views shared by this particular storage facility’s owner my not be the same as other Perth’s business owners. But nevertheless, it may be particularly beneficial for those  who are just starting their business. Big or small, it shouldn’t really matter. As the principle is somewhat similar.

Anyways, let’s recap on my interview with Shannan, the owner of the storage Perth company (link will take you to their official website)….

My question to Shannan was essentially: in your honest opinion, what makes a successful business, in particular please relate to your own Perth storage company.. below are the summary of his top three responses:

1) Giving a return that you’ve planned for

Expanding on this, Shannan said that rather purely looking at how much profit a company is making. He specifically mentioned that it is important to look back at your financial goal that you’ve set yourself and whether or not you’ve reached the target. If you have reached it, or better still, ,surpass it. Then let’s jut say you are successful!

2) Good feedback from the community

Being heavily involved in the community, Shannan said that there”s nothing more important than “giving back to the community”. After all, it is the community that supports you by using the very services that you are offering. for example, his storage services obviously depends on the public’s usage of his storage facility. The company also gives back to the community by employing Perth’s locals. A win/win for everyone involved. According to Shannan, if you’re getting very good feedback from the community that you are serving; than you’re on the right track to being a successful business.

3) Seeing growth is a good thing!

When you are seeing growth in your business. For example, you”re employing more people. Your client database is forever growing, then success is your middle name!