Recent online polls have showed that the cosmetic procedure of liposuction is increasing in popularity at a rapid rate, worldwide. Perth Business Blog looks at what is behind this surge in popularity for liposuction procedures.

When investigating the rise in popularity in Liposuction, Perth Business Blog noticed that cosmetic procedures in general are on the rise in terms of popularity. This Liposuction Company is an example: Liposuction Perth City. Liposuction just happens to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, right up there with breast augmentation. Why are cosmetic procedures becoming more and more popular? Well for starters, there is no denying that technology has advanced in recent times, meaning that cosmetic procedures are now easier, are more effective, are safer, are less invasive and cost less than in previous times. This has obviously made it more appealing to the general public. We’ve all seen those unpleasant video clips of surgeons using brute force to break up the fat in order to remove it via liposuction and are aware of the bruising that it resulted in, as well as making for long and painful recoveries. New advancements in liposuction techniques however, mean that today’s liposuction procedures utilise liquid injections to loosen and remove the fat rather than using brute force. Incisions are tiny and leave little to no scarring, whilst the entire procedure can be performed under twilight sedation, which allows the patient to be up and moving around straight after. Many patients even find that they are able to return to work the following day!

No doubt, media has also played a role in the increasing popularity of liposuction, particularly social media. In no other time have potential clients been faced with so many different forms of advertising. From more traditional media advertising mediums such as television, radio and newspaper advertisements, to targeted Facebook, Google and Instagram ads, to word of mouth recommendations in person and over social media. For those cosmetic surgeons and clinics who have harnessed the full power of social media marketing these days, the rise in popularity for procedures like liposuction has been unprecedented.

Based on the popular culture’s obsession with health and weight loss these days, liposuction now being a safe and effective way to gain the body you want, as well as the unprecedented power of social media marketing, Perth Business Blog predicts that liposuction is one cosmetic procedure that will only continue to see steady growth in its popularity!