Do you reply to all your customer’s enquiries? That is the big question I want to tackle head on in this blog post.

Working with business owners throughout Perth, I noticed a few commonalities between replying to customers, and the success of a given business. I know, I know, common sense, right? That is what I thought too, but the truth is, well, it’s complicated.

Testing Business Email RESPONSE Rate

We decided to test some local businesses right here in lovely little Perth. What we done was send quote requests to 100 local business owners through Email and wait for the reply.

All quotes were for a job that would usually fetch around the $500 mark for a business owner. Nothing major, but an excellent opportunity.

I waited five days and discarded any replies that took longer. The quotes did state that we would be deciding on a contractor five days from the date we sent out the request.

The Results

answering emailThe results were shocking. A total of 54 contractors replied! Twenty Three!

That gave us a 54% reply rate which gives a good indication of why so many business owners will never grow their business to the success they dream.

Consulting business owners is something I have been doing more and more of late.

Every business owner I have been working with has told me their biggest problem is getting more work. So seeing these results at such a low number pointed out an issue that I see with many business owners.

Customer Relations

One of the most important aspects of a business is how you look in the eyes of the consumer. If a potential customer sends you an email and you don’t reply in a professional manner, within a respectable time frame, chances are you will lose the opportunity for that sale.

Not only that, you will give it away to your competition. By neglecting your inquiries be it through social media, Email or phone calls, you are helping your direct competition grow.

You are also missing out on the chance to build up relationships with potential customers and gain referral work, and or repeat jobs. All of which, any successful business owner would jump at the opportunity to possess.

We decided to reach out and contact the companies that didn’t reply with a phone call. We only rang once, left a message and waited for the response.

The Reply To our Phone Call

Out of the 46 who got the phone call, a more satisfying 28 replied. We asked these business owners and receptionists why they had not answered the email, and these are the responses we got.

1. We never got an email – 10

2. We are too busy to answer emails – 12

3. I don’t Know – 6

The answers were a little broader than this, but we categorize them for a better overview.


When it comes down to it, you are in business for a reason. To serve customers and make money doing so. If a client isn’t worth your time because they emailed, you’re going to miss out on a lot of sales. Some people are introverts, who fear to talk on the phone, they have money too.

Having a system in place to catch emails means you get more sales, happier customers, and a better all round business in the eyes of your potential customers.

If you’re paying for advertising, marketing or looking for new clients, but have missed some emails through the cracks, consider setting up some systems that convert your leads into cash flow and start building a more profitable business today.