All About Club Ego

Hey There! My name is Sonia Dickens, and this is my business blog Club Egos!

I have wanted to start a blog for the past few years and finally got around to it over the colder winter months. Now you get to share in the experiences presented here on Club Ego’s Blog.

A Little About Me

Sonia Dickens the Author, editor and bloggerI am a 29-year-old self-made entrepreneur who has a passion for starting up small businesses and helping local business owners get a foothold in the community.

My passion for helping the little guy (local Business) grow began back in 2001 at Perth High School where I first gained an appreciation for the importance of locally owned business. In short, local businesses provide local employment and stimulate the local economy. That’s something I can put my momentum behind!

A Bit About Club Egos

The name Club Ego’s comes from an inside joke between close mates. It outlines how most business owners have an ego that helps drive them to succeed against all odds.

I created this blog to help share information and get local businesses I have personally used some deserved exposure. It’s not going to be a “New York Times” blog by any means, but the goals are to help people connect and network with an all round better community.

Thanks for reading my about page. If you’re looking for quality local business advice, check out the front page for the latest information and recommendations.