Why liposuction is soaring in popularity

Recent online polls have showed that the cosmetic procedure of liposuction is increasing in popularity at a rapid rate, worldwide. Perth Business Blog looks at what is behind this surge in popularity for liposuction procedures.

When investigating the rise in popularity in Liposuction, Perth Business Blog noticed that cosmetic procedures in general are on the rise in terms of popularity. This Liposuction Company is an example: Liposuction Perth City. Liposuction just happens to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, right up there with breast augmentation. Why are cosmetic procedures becoming more and more popular? Well for starters, there is no denying that technology has advanced in recent times, meaning that cosmetic procedures are now easier, are more effective, are safer, are less invasive and cost less than in previous times. This has obviously made it more appealing to the general public. We’ve all seen those unpleasant video clips of surgeons using brute force to break up the fat in order to remove it via liposuction and are aware of the bruising that it resulted in, as well as making for long and painful recoveries. New advancements in liposuction techniques however, mean that today’s liposuction procedures utilise liquid injections to loosen and remove the fat rather than using brute force. Incisions are tiny and leave little to no scarring, whilst the entire procedure can be performed under twilight sedation, which allows the patient to be up and moving around straight after. Many patients even find that they are able to return to work the following day!

No doubt, media has also played a role in the increasing popularity of liposuction, particularly social media. In no other time have potential clients been faced with so many different forms of advertising. From more traditional media advertising mediums such as television, radio and newspaper advertisements, to targeted Facebook, Google and Instagram ads, to word of mouth recommendations in person and over social media. For those cosmetic surgeons and clinics who have harnessed the full power of social media marketing these days, the rise in popularity for procedures like liposuction has been unprecedented.

Based on the popular culture’s obsession with health and weight loss these days, liposuction now being a safe and effective way to gain the body you want, as well as the unprecedented power of social media marketing, Perth Business Blog predicts that liposuction is one cosmetic procedure that will only continue to see steady growth in its popularity!

Skip Bins Perth Company Helps Clean

In this post I’d like to give a shout out to a Perth skip bins company trading as Wizz Binz. Yes don’t worry, I have asked for their permission to mention their name here in my Perth blog. Just click on the link above to read up about their services, skip bin hire prices and other good stuff! So I don’t really need to dwell to much on what they offer and other usual stuff here. Instead I wanted to briefly talk about how Wizz Binz’s work helps out the environment at the same time.

Offering a skip bins services in Perth (or anywhere else for that matter) is serious stuff. It may look easy to the eyes, drop a bin off and pick it up later. As they say, there’s more than meets the eye. First of all, the industry is heavily regulated when it comes to the waste disposal bit. You see, you can’t just dump anything willy nilly! It depends on the waste type.

That is why when you hire a skip bin, they normally ask you to mention the type of waste you are getting rid of. That is because each waste type has its own strict guidelines. For example what can be included and what has to be excluded.

Not only the waste categorisation will assist the skip bin hire companies, but it directly affects the pricing for the different type of waste. That is why certain type of rubbish costs more to get rid of, whilst some are cheaper. See, I told you that there’s more to it than meets the eye. By knowing the type of waste you are getting rid of, it also prevents any undue exposure hazards that may exist for the worker involved.

But what really stands out for me, apart from a local business helping a fellow local resident, is the huge benefit for our environment. Obviously it keeps the Perth suburbs clean, but it also keeps us safe from potentially harmful waste/rubbish.

Anyways if your backyard look like the pic below, then you need to hire a skip bin!

needs a skip bin fast

Have You Been Fooled Into Selling a Pyramid Scheme?


The Pyramid Scheme Scam

A pyramid scheme is a hierarchical scam that exploits unaware and desperate individuals as a source of income. No one actually earns money or provide services; everyone is just busy looking up some new recruits to steal money.

Why is A Pyramid Scheme bad for you?

Multi Level Marketing is a Scam To Steal Your Money and TimeWell, if stealing money doesn’t count as something bad for you, which I hope is not the case here, the pyramid scheme is still wrong in a lot of other ways. First is the money lost in the market. It’s not sustainable in the long run.

A healthy economy needs everyone doing their part to provide or sell services, and since the pyramid scheme don’t have any “real” services or product being delivered, most of their products are just present for the sake of being legal, it could hurt the economy real bad.

How to spot a Pyramid Scheme?

A lot of pyramid scheming nowadays are being smart. Even some legitimate companies somewhat use the pyramid scheming model to increase their sales, so spotting a pyramid scheme is tricky if you are not clever enough.

A good example of these would be the Usana company, I got invited before by my friend to join their team of Usana dealers, and during that time, it was sketchy for me. Almost everything that I know about pyramid scheme is present during their presentation to me.

  • A promise that you can work at an hour of your preference? Check.
  • A need to shell out a good amount of money right at the start? Check.
  • An attitude to let you be aware that maybe the reason that you are not successful is that you are not working hard and smart enough for it? Check.
  • A story about how one of their members bought a car, or became very successful just within a year? Check.

watch out for pyramid scheme'sThe only difference Usana have which the usual pyramid scheme don’t have? Real products. I’m not here to promote but what I’m telling is that you can spot a Pyramid Scheme by their products. Their products are usually nonexistent or next nothing useless.

That’s the reason why pyramid scheming companies hide behind products that can’t be easily identified if real or not. Examples are beauty products, diet pills, etc. Some of them even go as far as acting that they will provide you data entry jobs if you got recruited, which is smart, what is puzzling though is that why you need to pay first before you can start working.

The difference between a real opportunity and a pyramid scam.

Because the pyramid scheme is rampant nowadays, it would be a good habit to learn how to differentiate them from real opportunities. Opportunities knock on your door from time to time, and you should be ready in providing them welcome.

You just need to be mindful of two things for you to see if it’s not a pyramid scheme. What will you need to do to earn money and what skill will you be able to or need to develop to be good at this. If the answer to the two questions is to lure people inside the company, then you are in for a treat of the old good pyramid scheme, eh.

What Makes a Successful Perth Storage Business?

It is a very common question for all business owners: what makes a successful business? The very obvious answer to most of us is the money, how much profit does the business ultimately make? But as with life, the answer may not be that simple. That is because the definition of success is different for each person. In this post, I’d like to feature a well known Perth storage company whose, in the owner’s eye, already seeing early success.

Before I elaborate, I’d like to point out that the views shared by this particular storage facility’s owner my not be the same as other Perth’s business owners. But nevertheless, it may be particularly beneficial for those  who are just starting their business. Big or small, it shouldn’t really matter. As the principle is somewhat similar.

Anyways, let’s recap on my interview with Shannan, the owner of the storage Perth company (link will take you to their official website)….

My question to Shannan was essentially: in your honest opinion, what makes a successful business, in particular please relate to your own Perth storage company.. below are the summary of his top three responses:

1) Giving a return that you’ve planned for

Expanding on this, Shannan said that rather purely looking at how much profit a company is making. He specifically mentioned that it is important to look back at your financial goal that you’ve set yourself and whether or not you’ve reached the target. If you have reached it, or better still, ,surpass it. Then let’s jut say you are successful!

2) Good feedback from the community

Being heavily involved in the community, Shannan said that there”s nothing more important than “giving back to the community”. After all, it is the community that supports you by using the very services that you are offering. for example, his storage services obviously depends on the public’s usage of his storage facility. The company also gives back to the community by employing Perth’s locals. A win/win for everyone involved. According to Shannan, if you’re getting very good feedback from the community that you are serving; than you’re on the right track to being a successful business.

3) Seeing growth is a good thing!

When you are seeing growth in your business. For example, you”re employing more people. Your client database is forever growing, then success is your middle name!

The Importance Of Replying To Customer Enquiries

Do you reply to all your customer’s enquiries? That is the big question I want to tackle head on in this blog post.

Working with business owners throughout Perth, I noticed a few commonalities between replying to customers, and the success of a given business. I know, I know, common sense, right? That is what I thought too, but the truth is, well, it’s complicated.

Testing Business Email RESPONSE Rate

We decided to test some local businesses right here in lovely little Perth. What we done was send quote requests to 100 local business owners through Email and wait for the reply.

All quotes were for a job that would usually fetch around the $500 mark for a business owner. Nothing major, but an excellent opportunity.

I waited five days and discarded any replies that took longer. The quotes did state that we would be deciding on a contractor five days from the date we sent out the request.

The Results

answering emailThe results were shocking. A total of 54 contractors replied! Twenty Three!

That gave us a 54% reply rate which gives a good indication of why so many business owners will never grow their business to the success they dream.

Consulting business owners is something I have been doing more and more of late.

Every business owner I have been working with has told me their biggest problem is getting more work. So seeing these results at such a low number pointed out an issue that I see with many business owners.

Customer Relations

One of the most important aspects of a business is how you look in the eyes of the consumer. If a potential customer sends you an email and you don’t reply in a professional manner, within a respectable time frame, chances are you will lose the opportunity for that sale.

Not only that, you will give it away to your competition. By neglecting your inquiries be it through social media, Email or phone calls, you are helping your direct competition grow.

You are also missing out on the chance to build up relationships with potential customers and gain referral work, and or repeat jobs. All of which, any successful business owner would jump at the opportunity to possess.

We decided to reach out and contact the companies that didn’t reply with a phone call. We only rang once, left a message and waited for the response.

The Reply To our Phone Call

Out of the 46 who got the phone call, a more satisfying 28 replied. We asked these business owners and receptionists why they had not answered the email, and these are the responses we got.

1. We never got an email – 10

2. We are too busy to answer emails – 12

3. I don’t Know – 6

The answers were a little broader than this, but we categorize them for a better overview.


When it comes down to it, you are in business for a reason. To serve customers and make money doing so. If a client isn’t worth your time because they emailed, you’re going to miss out on a lot of sales. Some people are introverts, who fear to talk on the phone, they have money too.

Having a system in place to catch emails means you get more sales, happier customers, and a better all round business in the eyes of your potential customers.

If you’re paying for advertising, marketing or looking for new clients, but have missed some emails through the cracks, consider setting up some systems that convert your leads into cash flow and start building a more profitable business today.